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Selling to China - Marketing Strategies for Today's Economy

In today’s economy, the grip of the western recession has negatively impacted sales driving many companies to bankruptcy. What are some of the common threads to companies that survive? Many look to growing markets such as China. China holds the greatest promise by scale of all emerging markets and is the lifeline to sustain your business today.

What you can expect:

This presentation will demonstrate several ways Minnesota companies can take advantage of today's global economy and leverage this for success in selling to the China market.  Topics will include:

  • Where is the growth?
  • Where are my customers?
  • How do I get to them TODAY?

From small business to large multinationals, selecting the right development strategy for you can lead your company through the challenging times of today and provide a strong foundation for tomorrow.

What you will Take Away:

You will gain from this presentation a new understanding in how to efficiently enter the China market today.  You will know:

  • How US Businesses in China are Doing Today
  • 3 Directions to Pursue to Find Customers With Money
  • 2 Low Cost Efficient Entry Models

By taking advantage of China’s economic success, you can reduce the recessionary affects you experience in the US market today and create new opportunities for the future.

This event is organized by US-China Business Connections and presented by Rodney Hiel, Managing Director, Asia Business Consulting.


7:30-7:50  Networking & Breakfast
7:50-8:00  Welcome and Introductions
8:00-8:40  Presentation
8:40-9:00  Q & A
9:00-9:30  Meeting adjourned and optional networking


UCBC Members: Free
Non-Members: $20
College Students: Free


Free parking at the MCTC Ramp, 1420 Hennepin Avenue (across from the school). Enter at the left gate by the security window. Tell the staff person you are with the China Group. Additional information on parking: 

Speaker Bio

 Rodney Hiel Rodney Hiel
Managing Director
Asia Business Consulting

Rodney Hiel is an accomplished international business professional with an extensive experience and understanding of the Chinese market.  With conversational Mandarin language skills developed over a decade of living and working in SE Asia and China, Rodney provides a unique, inside perspective on the China market.  With an MBA from the University of Minnesota, and studies at the Chinese European International Business School (CEIBS) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, he delivers a strategic, methodical, and tactical direction to assess, understand, and address business issues in China on a local, regional, national, and international basis.  As the Managing Director of Asia Business Consulting, Rodney leads his team to successfully solve a variety of Market Entry and Product Development problems in China increasing profitability and cost savings to firms such as Taylor Corporation, Petters Group Worldwide, and a variety of small businesses alike.  Rodney has a passion for and is always interested in discussing your China business challenges and is happy to provide solutions.