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2011 International Conference on Strategic Management
Strategically Entering and Navigating the US Marketplace During a Recession: Implications for Chinese SMEs

When several western economies are on the brink of default, small and medium size businesses (SMEs) around the world face a challenging position. As the major market for Chinese SMEs, what impact does this have on Chinese businesses to develop the US market? How might this timing bring advantages and great opportunities to Chinese SMEs? Indecision from the US leadership has created great confusion for many US businesses, a factor which gives global SMEs an advantage that will help them to succeed in the US. This presentation will address success factors to consider when developing a strategy for competing in the US market.

The takeaways for this presentation include:

  1. The value of Self-Assessment and knowing what your company does well
  2. The importance of knowledge of how the US and China markets compare
  3. The critical need to define a market development strategy that is efficient and provides a long-term competitive advantage
  4. The need to understand the acquisition environment in the US market.

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