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Market Entry


$2.3B Multinational Corporation


The company has over 60 worldwide subsidiaries, spanning multiple industries and company resources and capabilities. All companies have one thing in common, a growing need to know how to do business with China.

Business Objective:

By endowing multiple academic institutions to help our desire to contribute to collegiate study abroad programs, Asia Business Consulting was contracted to review the business plan and present new research for a planned $11MM education facility in Shanghai, China.


  • Identified target market locations, market segments
  • Determined purchasing behavior (VoC) and demand levels
  • Established acceptable price points in product value proposition
  • Identified strategic high value/high margin product offerings
  • Created sustainable product differentiation in highly competitive market
  • Optimized profit repatriation by assessing entry strategy and local business structure.


The Business Plan Review, combined with the new research revealed several new challenges to accomplish our goals. The company chose to acquire a domestic competitor that was competing in the same space.


With the comprehensive due diligence and analysis of our goals and objectives, Asia Business Consulting exceeded our expectations and delivered a product that saved our company time and money. We highly recommend the services of Asia Business Consulting and would be happy to provide a reference.