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Product Development

The Product Development process is challenging and with Chinese suppliers, easily grows frustrating, time consuming, and very wasteful. Language barriers create multiple communication problems and often lead to misunderstanding, misinformation and complicate the process which increases costs. Cultural differences aggravate this challenging situation and ultimately lead to falling short of your goals.

  • Are you having problems with your Chinese suppliers creating New Products?
  • Do the Chinese supplier capabilities delay the internal development cycle to meet your needs and market demands?
  • Could there be other internal and external resources available to help?
  • Can these challenges we face be easily overcome?

Traditionally, companies take internal ideas and look to their default Asian supplier, make the annual 2 day factory visit to share ideas, negotiate price, and make their buy. Communication errors and production flaws compound the cost to bring these products to market. This common approach has been well defined by history and has its limitations and defined bias. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, it is quickly growing more difficult to achieve acceptable margins, and differentiated, sustainable new products that deliver long-term results.

Our Approach for New Product Development is simple. Each company is different and requires a customized solution to fit your need. Starting with identifying the New Product goals and objectives of the company, an analysis and assessment of your resources, capabilities, and “global fitness”, we identify the foundation from which to work. We then leverage this and incorporate global market conditions in new ways and strategically evaluate the Asian regional competencies to create and integrate the “right” solution to optimize the Chinese market. This contemporary approach creates differentiated, long term opportunities for your company that increase new product output, reduce product development cycle time, and may also reduce your sourcing costs which directly contribute to your bottom line.