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Market Entry

With declining sales in US and European markets, international sales can be the lifeline to sustain your company. And with little international experience, the decision where to start in navigating the Chinese business environment is daunting at best.

  • Are you considering selling to Asian markets?
  • Are traditional entry methods the most efficient and cost effective ways to accomplish my goals or are there better ways?
  • What are the obstacles and barriers I can expect?
  • Are you underwhelmed with your agent/distributor’s current performance in Asia and looking for change?

A common approach to market entry into the China market have been through sales agents, distributors, business incubators, alliances, joint ventures, or creating a WOFE. But to survive and excel in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, most of these methods are increasingly more difficult to provide sustainable, long-term results.

As each challenge appears, we lead your team to identify the risks, clarify their impact, work in your best interest, and help you understand all aspects of doing business in China. Each business is unique and has different resources and business requirements; therefore a customized market entry solution is essential. Our contemporary approach strategically analyzes and assesses your resources, capabilities, and “global fitness”, defines the optimal Chinese cultural, social, and economic conditions to leverage, and considers domestic, regional, and global resources and access points to develop multiple paths to directly connect to your Chinese customer. In addition, this also may create new opportunities to expand current channels in the markets you already serve in the west, and may create new opportunities in emerging markets not yet served.

Once the internal assessment is complete, multiple market entry paths are generated and compared. Company executives are then guided through a comparative analysis of the leading proposals. Depending on company resources, goals and objectives, and risk aversion, we guide the process for you to choose a common, contemporary, or blended approach to deliver the optimal decision based on your circumstance and results in an efficient and low cost method to enter the Chinese market.

With an intimate understanding and demonstrated success solving these problems, Our Approach can efficiently reveal the right answers that fit your company, lead to intelligent decisions, and deliver a sustainable, long-term differentiation and competitive advantage.