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Unique Differentiation

Barrier The Market Asia Business Consulting
Time in China Most service providers are in China only a few days at a time and limits their ability to keep abreast of this rapidly changing market. With management team on the ground in China, this provides a clear perspective of today's China.
Communications Providers who are not fluent in the language are at higher risk to misunderstandings and cost time. By not knowing the language, many cultural dimentions are not understood and limit their knowledge in how to efficiently work the Chinese market. With a management team fluent in the language provides an efficient and effective skill set to get it right the first time.
Experience in Consulting Most service providers try to leverage their ethnic heritage to do consulting. Knowledge of business practices, along with a lifetime of restrictions severly limit their capability. A management team of long-term academic, business, and government professionals have the on the ground experience and knowledge of today's China.
Resources in China Most service providers have limited resources and contacts in China. Given the diversity in this quickly changing market, this can severely restrict available information leading to results. The management team of working professionals, national academic networks, and government resources provides a comprehensive knowledge base from which sound decisions can be made.
Knowledge of Asia Most service providers work in defined territories. This limits their ability to consider other parts of Asia to create the optimal solution. The management team is actively involved in Pan Asian trade and provides current knowledge in regional trends.
Optimal Solutions Most service providers look at all problems in the same way. The only way they know how and results in the same solution. Not customizing to the client needs, detracts from the optimal solution each client should have. The management team delivers multiple solutions to each client advising in the level of risk and size of reward of each opportunity. This results in long-term gain and miligates bias.
Time to Profit Service providers entry methods determine the rate of profitability. Conventional methods can only expect conventional results. Using multidimentional strategies, profitability is exponentially increased in contemporary methods to enter the Chinese market.