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Common Business Barriers

  1. Provider Time in China
    • In the rapidly changing China market, many business opportunities and risks quickly emerge. Periodic, short visits do not allow for intimate understanding of the current business environment and severely limit quality of information.
  2. Provider Miscommunications
    • Without fluency in the language and culture, misunderstandings are common and costly.
  3. Provider Experience in Consulting
    • With many nuances in today’s diverse, rapidly changing China business environment, experience in many provinces is critical to your success . By simply being Chinese and having Chinese friends and family do not guarantee the business knowledge and aptitude to deliver success in the China business world. This can be misleading and bring a false sense of security.
  4. Provider has Limited Resources in China
    • China is very large with each city and province having distinct characteristics. With few resources available in China, available information is small and the source unreliable.
  5. Provider Knowledge of Asia
    • With a rapidly changing business environment in China, the short and long term value China has as a sourcing, manufacturing, or country to export significantly changes and evolves according to regional fluctuations. Without knowledge of the trends in surrounding Asian countries, this makes it difficult to provide accurate, up to date information for sound long-term decisions.
  6. Provider Applies Same Solution
    • Each company is unique, has different needs, and requires a customized solution. The same solution to all may indicate a bias of self-interest and provides a limited, short-term gain at best.
  7. Time to Profit
    • The length of time to profit in the Chinese market can vary greatly depending on entry method.